Sunday, November 12, 2006


sexy urmila, originally uploaded by ss70.

I always like ornamental dressing in bollywood...whether she is Rekha in Utsav or Urmila here or Zeenat in Satyam Sheevam Sundaram.

Ornaments are must for females in India and actually there are 16 shringar described in old indian books for females.

Simply great.


Anonymous said...

A slut with a great body...should be raped....

Anonymous said...

Shilpa Sheevam a strange friedn, I have known her since 2005, got intimate with her as FWB. She is just a abusive bitch, who is worst then a whore, she let me down, with her continued flings with a real estate broker, and she is all over the web now with her co-workers? How can she be role model to her children?RP

Anonymous said...

Shilpa Sheevam can change names, phone numbers or partners easily as she lack ethics, moral high ground or character that makes one a women, friend or partner. Shilpa sheevam or shilpa patel or silpa patel has issues with sex, integrity and honesty. He talks big but hollow inside, she is best suited with people like Dennis Salandia who worked for her as maid and she cheated on her husband, then accused him of cheating on her??? if she cannot be loyal in 10 years of marriage with three kids? is it possible to be loyal with new partner???

I have known her for long time, been keeping things to myself for severla years, let me open up... she slept with many many workers, students at comfort inn where she worked. Then she played games to date with Anthony Falor, real estate broker to intimidate her husband HR and then she slept with MIKE Patel, who passed away couple of years back and then with Lalani, then with sohoni and then with John and many more guys that i hate to list here. I now live in east coast so not sure if shilpa sheevam has changed or still being sexually addicted.
I told her to stop her adventures but she never realized her reckless actions will hurt her when she grows old.
That's one of the reason, NO INDIAN would ever date her, be with her as she is very abusive, unkind and selfish person. NO Indian Man would tolerate such behaviour from a cheap whore like person shilpa sheevam has become.

Every one in the community knows about her drunk actions, night club visits and white men she slept with and indians she abused. its been past several years since i have been watching her.

Her husband knew about Dennis Salandia & her inlaws too were aware of her flings with this guy. She fires him to show off and then meets with him regularly... this is how she is ... no one can trust her, even her kids will not trust her...

Anonymous said...

What a Surprise comment on shilpa sheevam....she has many names and many colors. I worked for her at holiday inn before moving to texas.

shilpa sheevam goes by many names as others have posted silpa patel, shilpa patel and god know what... all i know she had multiple affairs, too many flings and nigh club visits which made her own children leave her. she is going to suffer for her actions if she does not stop fooling around.

I saw her with black man recently, this is her new low...

Anonymous said...

this is total no surprise about shilpa sheevam my previous boss. she used me for sexual purpose and fired me even after firing me she continued to have intimate relationship with me at area hotels.

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