Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Sexy Urmila in Jeans

urmila jeans, originally uploaded by ss70.

Urmila - who marked her strong impression with "Rangeela" has never looked back since. One of the sexiest actress of indian cinema.

Urmila started her acting career at very young age as a child artist and got tremendous success in Rangeela. Producer of Rangeela, Mr. Ram Gopal Verma shaped her career and at one point there were strong rumors of their affair. After Urmila, Ram Gopal Verma tried to play GodFather for Anthra Mali and Nisha Kothari but I think none of them have even come closer to Urmila.

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Anonymous said...

looked at her touch her boobs, squeeze them...she will keep her hand back and never try to defend..such a slut